Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is a special way to observe blood under the microscope. Instead of dried and colored blood smears being used, blood is observed while still alive.

While looking at dried blood will give an overview over the numbers of white and red blood cells and a few other elements, observing blood while it is still alive gives you more information about the health and quality of your blood, allowing us to draw conclusions about its level of acidity, how well it is supplied with oxygen and nutrients, how good the immune system is working, how much energy the blood cells have, how well the metabolism works, whether there are inflammations, infections, allergies or heavy metal intoxication and if organs are affected by problems.

Besides being very helpful as an aid to determine underlying causes of symptoms that show up as health problems, live blood analysis also lets you see changes in the blood over time while your health is improving during therapy, making it easy to follow any progress because it will be clearly reflected in the blood.

We use this diagnostic method together with a particular homoeopathic therapy – Sanum therapy – that was developed in conjunction with live blood analysis, which aims first and foremost at changing particular microbes found in the blood into more beneficial ones.

Peggy Marienfeld offers this treatment at Balihealing.

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